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1984 Mar 16 Nice Garden Established at 7F-2, No.2, Fu-Hsin N. Rd., Taipei City; Capital 2 million NTD. Gun-Shan Office Establish.
1984 AEC Spira-200,Apothehernes Laboratorium BMD General Consignee.
1986 Acted as Agent for Roche R-428、R-430.
1990 Apr Acted as Agent for Japanese U-Verge Sanitary Series.
Acted as Agent for Res-Q Fish Oil Health Food
1992 Jan 1 Termination of cooperation with U-Verge.
Acted as Agent for Ag-world, Imported Living Animal & Semen.
1993 Jan 1 Welfare Association Established.
1994 Jan 1 Began Products Registration; Animal Health Department Established, Composed by Livestock and Aquatic Divisions.
1995 Acted as Agent for Japanese Ghen
1996 Acted as Agent for American Zinpro.
Dec 30 Sanitary Department Established, at the Same Time Acted as Agent for Australian Mt. Romance.
1997 Aug 20 Mt. Romance Health Care Cosmetology Series was rewarded Gold Trade Medal.
Acted as Agent for Spanish SeSDerma Medical Cosmetics.
1998 Aug Acted as Agent for Roche – Avatec and Bio-cox.
Acted as Agent for PIP Corporation--ferrous sulfate.
1999 Jun 1 Sanitary Department modified to Medical Cosmetic Department.
Dec Invested Hua Du Fortune Breeding Farm Co. in China, breeding 1000 purebred Sows and Supplying L, D and Y Taiwan Breed Stud Pig in China. Nice Garden Officially Extended Business into China.
2001 Nov Participation in European Aquatic Products Association Annual Conference, Awarded by Chairman.
2002 Jan 1, Technical Cooperation with Animal Technology Institute Taiwan Promoting Piggery Management Software, Porcitec.
Jul Aqua Culture Department Expanded Business Scope into Asia。
2003 Jun Participation in Viet fish with Vietnam Commercial Agent,Received Interview and Report by Asian Aquiculture Magazine。
Jul Award as Position 2551 in “Ranging of Taiwan Top 5000 Large-Scale Corporations”
2004 Jul Agreement Established with DSM for Construction of Tainan Premix Plant Aiming on Premix Production
2005 Mar 31 Ground-Breaking Ceremony of Tainan Premix Plant
Nov 30 Issue of Plant Registration Certificate
2006 Mar Formal Operation of Tainan Premix Plant
Sep Foreign Sales developed with Premix to Vietnam by Aqua Culture Department
Oct Southern Taiwan Technology Park Green Eco-Activity Competition 1st Place
Dec 2006 National Technology Park Green Eco-Activity Competition 3rd Place
2007 Apr Tainan Premix Plant was granted with ISO ISO9001:2000 and ISO22000:2005 in April 2007
Company Reorganization
2008 May OBM-Nisfid have been launched.
Signed OVN certification with DSM.
2006 Jan Acted as Agent for Anitox
Oct Acted as Agent for Sloten
2010 Jul Acted as Agent for Kemin
2011 Jan Tainan Premix Plant was granted with FAMI-QS(European Feed Additives and PreMixtures Quality System)
Oct Nice Garden was granted with National Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises Award
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