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Probiotic - PSB
Description * PSB is designed and produced specially for aquaculture purpose with major contents facultatively anaerobic bacteria specified as Rhodobacteria spp. The functions of PSB are to improve water quality, decrease oxygen consumption during chemical reaction in the water, reduce concentration of ammonia, nitrides, nitrous acid, and hydrogen sulfide. Also PSB is able to restrict the growth of algae by forming limited nutrition and space environment, or suppressing pathogens with its own dominant bacteria.



  Liquid form in darkish red or purple color

 Bacteria Counts

  4~8 x 107 cfu/ml


  Rhodospirillaceae Rhodosirillum

  R. Rhodopseudomonas

  R. Rhodomicrobium


  • Decompose toxic matters like hrdrogen sulfide, nitrous acid, ammonia, and oid sludge.
  • Efficiently decrease BOD, COD, SS (Suspended Substances) and improve water quality.
  • Restrain pathogenic bacteria counts in the water to diminish diseases for animal.


  • During early culturing stage every 20 ~ 30 days; later stage every 10 ~ 15 days.
  • When the transparency of water is lower than 30cm visibility.


  • 20L for 0.5~0.6 ha, 90 cm deep water pond.
  • Decrease dosage when water color is not stable or comparatively lighter.
  • Double dosage when water color is denser or in worse condition.


  • Special odor coming from PSB is normal.
  • Do not apply with any other antibiotics or bactericide.
  • Sediment usual appears, shake or stir evenly before using. 


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