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Description * NISCOL (Colorful) contains natural and synthetic yellow and red pigments. Yellow pigment of NISCOL gives a great coloring base. Red pigment of NISCOL enhances the saturation and color. Together, NISCOL creates the final golden-orange look on the skin and shank of broiler.

* Unique pigmenting formula

- Stable and effective pigmentation: coating beadlet protects NISCOL from oxidation and provides stability in premix and feed.

- Consistent pigmentation: NISCOL is reliable and keeps good quality.

- Color Absorption Factor (CAF): Improves the absorption of intestine to pigments that makes your every penny worth.

- Convenience: A small quantity aluminum foil bag helps you adjust the inclusion level easily.


* Composition

Natural and synthetic yellow pigments ≧30 gram in one kg of NISCOL

Synthetic red pigment ≧3 gram in one kg of NISCOL


* Recommended inclusion level

0.4 ~ 1.2 kg per ton of feed give RCF 3~6

* Recommended usage

If feed contains 500 ~ 600Kg of corn and 30 ~ 80Kg of corn gluten meal in one ton of feed:


 Kg/ ton of feed




> 1.2

 Color of Skin

RCF 3/4

RCF 4/5

RCF 5/6

RCF > 6

 Color of Shank

RCF 5/6

RCF 6/7

RCF 7/8

RCF 8/9 

** May depend on the individual need on the color

Package: 5Kg aluminum bag, 4 bags a box

Storage: Avoid high temperature and sun light

Shelf life: 6 months




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