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Description * Minerals are essentil nutrients to sustain the lives of animals. Over supplemented zinc and copper would make animal's feces hazardous to the environment. NISMIN not only improves animal growth but also cares about the environment with accurately formulated zinc and copper concentration.


Nismin for Swine

Contents per kilo

Dosage (per ton)

Fe (Iron)                                                        110,000mg

Zn (Zinc)                                                          50,000mg

Cu (Copper)                                                   18,000mg

Mn (Manganese)                                           50,000mg

I (Iodine)                                                               770mg

Se (Selenium)                                                     300mg

Co (Cobalt)                                                          170mg

   piglet                                                                   2.0Kg

   fattener                                                               1.0Kg

   breeder                                                               1.5Kg




Nismin for Swine MAX

Contents per 2 kilo

Dosage (per ton)

Fe (Iron)                                                          85,000mg

Zn (Zinc)                                                          40,000mg

Cu (Copper)                                                   13,500mg

Mn (Manganese)                                           37,500mg

I (Iodine)                                                               575mg

Se (Selenium)                                                     225mg

Co (Cobalt)                                                          125mg

Cr (Chromium)                                                    200mg

   fattener                                                                2.0Kg

   breeder                                                                2.0Kg




Nismin for Poultry

Contents per kilo

Dosage (per ton)

Fe (Iron)                                                          60,000mg

Zn (Zinc)                                                         60,000mg

Cu (Copper)                                                     8,000mg

Mn (Manganese)                                           67,000mg

I (Iodine)                                                               730mg

Se (Selenium)                                                     200mg

Co (Cobalt)                                                          200mg

   layer                                                                     1.3Kg


            Growing period                                         1.5Kg

             Finishing period                               1.3-1.5Kg

             Breeder                                                     1.5Kg


Packing: 25Kg multi-layer paper bag

Storage: Avoid high temperature and humidity

Expiry: 12 months

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