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Fermented Soymeal
Description * Fermented soymeal is a hydrolyzed vegetable protein with special properties of peptide. All its properties come from the decomposition of Hydrogen Bond (-OH) protein, providing high solubility, digestibility, emulsification, good taste, and good binding. This product contains Lactic Acid, which can be used as a feed acidifying agent. It is applicable for livestock (calf, swine, and poultry) and aquaculture purposes. Digestibility by pepsin (in vitro): 95.6%
Crude Protein (51.5%min), Crude Fat (2%max), Crude Ash (7.5%max), Crude Fiber (5.5%max), Moisture (9%max), Lactic Acid (3.4%) 
Packing: 25Kg/Bag
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