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Gromate F
Description * Larval Feed for fish meticulously formulated to tackle nutritional problems, and processed in a three dimensional space where ingredient molecules are picked up by special adhesive. Every particle is individually made; its diameter even, quality stable and superb suspensibility. It is enriched with a higher content of vitamin C and highly unsaturated fatty acids for faster growth and better tolerance of stress.



Super prime Chilean fish meal, krill, squid, cod liver, marine protein contentrate, yeast, sprirulina, vitamin, organic trace mineral, EPA and DHA, attractant.


Crude Protein (55%min), Crude Lipid (11%min), Crude Fiber (4%max), Ash (13%max), Moisture (8%max).

Particle Size

No.0:<250 mesh

No.1:98% through 100 mesh

No.2:98% through 60 mesh

No.3:98% through 30 mesh




This product should be stored in a cool and dry place

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