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Description * Supplement to shrimp requirement containing various microelements to complement shrimp’s ingesting habit for optimum absorption, improve gut flora in shrimp for higher digestibility, improve shrimp’s tolerance towards stress and enhance growth rate, enhance immunity in shrimp and reduce pathogen infection, and to activate cell functions in shrimp for better metabolism. Design for direct feeding, no more pond side mixing of feed supplement.



Vitamin B group, Stab-C, Vitamin E, Organic mineral, ß-Glucan, Spirulina, Yeast, DHA, EPA, Phosphate lipid, Taurine, Necleotide, Astaxanthin, Cholesterol.

  When to Use

  1. During shrimp’s fast growing stage between 45~90 days.
  2. Before and after shrimp molting.
  3. During and after environmental change.
  4. When shrimp’s ingestion decrease.

  Suggested Feeding Amount

50~75% of regular feeding amount, and use twice a week. Skip one meal before feeding Nutrimate.




This product should be stored in a cool and dry place.


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