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Shrimp Flakes
Description * Made from fermentative ingredients with highly unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin as additives to provide the larvae an easily digestible food. Formulated for better resistance and survival with a high bio-availability, and meticulously manufactured to ensure balances in nutrition. The flake is dissoluble and it helps develop a camouflage water color which is effective in reducing loss due to cannibalism. It is suitable for larvae throughout their hatchery and nursery stage.



Fish meal, squid liver, fish soluble, brewer yeast, lecithin, vitamin, mineral and astaxathin.


  Crude Protein >50%

  Crude Lipid >8%

  Crude Fiber <3%

  Ash <17%

  Moisture <7%


  1Kg aluminum foil (10 bags/Carton)

  10Kg Bucket


Put flake in filtered net bag and wash before feeding. Feed 3~6 times daily with an amount that the larval shrimp or fish can finish within 30 minutes.


  This product should be stored in a cool and dry place.


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