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About Us

Nice Garden Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984 in Taiwan, we deal specifically in nutrition and health products for aquaculture as well as livestock sectors. We understand and dedicated to meet customer's needs with our ample experiences cumulated over 25 years.

Business Scope

The International Business Department in Nice Garden focuses on exporting, trading, developing products for overseas customers. With professional sales team backed up by strong logistic, research, financial, technical support, and shipping departments, we are able to provide satisfactory services for most customers.

Our genuine services include:
1. Triangle trading of raw materials and chemicals,
2. Designing and manufacturing of feed premix products,
3. Developing and selling products from our OEM suppliers,
4. Technical consultant service for aquaculture and livestock,
5. Introducing premium products from Taiwan and worldwide.
Nice Garden Industrial Co., Ltd
Taipei ADD/9F-2, NO.98 Nanking E.Rd., Sec.2 Taipei, Taiwan, 10457}  TEL/02-25603566 FAX/02-25603888
Tainan ADD/No. 389, Sec.2, Bentian Rd., Tainan Technology Industrial Park, Tainan City, Taiwan,70955}  TEL/06-3841886 FAX/06-3841887
Nextland ADD/No. 57, Fengtian Rd, Dapi Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan 631}  TEL/05-5529586 FAX/02-37621112
WOMMI ADD/No. 138, BaDe Rd, SongShan District, Taipei, Taiwan}  TEL/02-37621111 FAX/02-37621112
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