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About us

Nice Garden Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in March 1984. Ever since our establishment, we have been persistently focusing on nutrition and health products for the livestock and aquaculture industries. In recent years we have expended our professional service to cover biotechnological items for animal uses. Our aim is to secure a reliable source of animal protein for human consumption at a large and safer scale. These are our goals and objectives.


We stationed our first office at Taipei, which is now our head-quarter. Within three years after our founding, we set up branch offices at Tainan and Kaohsiung to provide our customers with faster and convenient services. Our approach is sincere, practical and professional. This attitude has earned us success in our business over the years and is the reason why we prosper as one of leading companies in the field of feed additives in Taiwan.

Over the past few decades, we have accumulated tremendous experience in management. Our culture emphasizes team work, value personal morals and respects professionalism. In order to gain a better market coverage and to expend our services, we have absorbed expertise from different lines of work. We organize our professional staff not only for the manufacture of quality products, but we also systemize our sale personals into two technical groups, one for livestock and another for aquaculture. Our purpose is to provide broader services for both domestic and overseas markets on the one hand, to serve the livestock and aquaculture profession in regard to health and nutrition on the other. This is one of the most important features of our present organization.

Nice Garden Industrial Co., Ltd
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