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OVN (Optimum Vitamin Nutrition), a registered trademark of the DSM, is a form of vitamin nutrition supplementation. Committed to the spirit of the food supply chain, the sources of the food on your table have been efficiently managed and monitored to ensure the quality and safety.


The term “food supply chain” refers to a “chain” of processes from the food source to the processing of the food all the way to the racks of the supermarkets. These processes include the initial production (raw materials of animal feed) to food being served at the dining tables of consumers. Each process throughout this entire chain is equally important, and all of them should maintain the highest quality and safety standards.

Safe and high quality food products require participants within the food supply chain to be knowledgeable about the responsibility of the producers, manufacturers and even retailers. Consumers, too, have a responsibility towards the food products that are purchased, cooked and consumed.

This responsibility envelops each link in the food supply chain and includes the manufacturers of the raw materials (animal feed), the farmers and fishermen, the employees of the slaughterhouses, the members of the agricultural industry and transport industry, the retailers, and even the customers at the end of the food supply chain. At any stage of the chain, detailed information regarding food safety and quality must be able to trace and pass to the next stage of the food supply chain.

For this reason, cooperation between various links is essential, including the government in charge of the inspection of food safety on behalf of the consumers, the various industrial organizations that are committed to protecting or advocating food safety, and the media, who are promoters of public opinion.

All of the above are responsible for doing their duty. Food hygiene and eating safely has become a current trend. DSM’s nutritional technology and knowledge will provide livestock and marine animals with safe and effective feed, while the manufacturing system established by Nice Garden ensures zero errors in the manufacturing techniques of the products. This joint collaboration provides for the tracking of food additives, assisting the marine and livestock industries in producing high value-added products.

The provision of nutritionally-balanced feed increases the health and welfare of animals, decreases the risk of diseases, enhances production, and provides products of high nutritional value and quality, promoting the spirit of the OVN plan. It is our wish to help make more ideal, balanced products to help consumers more easily absorb balanced nutrition. It is our wish to protect the people of Taiwan and provide them with safe food to eat.

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